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We are the University of Cumbria, a place where lives are enriched to become the world changers of tomorrow. Find your place alongside 30000+ graduates.


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About University of Cumbria

Factsheet about: University of Cumbria

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The University of Cumbria is a good investment of your time and skills, as we focus on preparing you for your career. With close links to local Law Firms, Police Forces and Youth Centres, NHS Trusts, Schools and Colleges and Practicing Artists (plus many more) the knowledge you gain on your course is geared towards getting you a job as soon as you graduate! That's why 97% of our graduates enter employment within 6 months of graduating. Talk to us today to begin your journey with us.

University Alumni?

(Any well known or successful alumni?)

  • Helen Skelton
  • Megan Hine
  • Keith Tyson 
  • Mally Chung
Brief outline of the university’s facilities

We have different campuses for different course areas, such as: Ambleside (the only University campus on a National Heritage Site) for out outdoor studies and geography studies, Brampton Road for all our Arts related courses, and then both Lancaster and Fusehill Street for our specialist areas, such as teaching, law, nursing, midwifery and psychology, amongst many more.

Closest airport to the university?
(How long does it take to get from the airport to the main university campus?)

Carlisle Airport is due to open Spring 2019, which is about 10-15 minutes drive away from both our Fusehill Street and Brampton Road campus. For Lancaster, the nearest airport will be Blackpool International Airport, which is 40 miles away from campus. For Ambleside, both Liverpool John Lennon and Manchester Airports are around 2 hour drives away.

Student Union activities & societies? Students Union and UoC Active run a variety of clubs and activities for free during the week and weekends. There are many sports and hobbies with their own societies, with a full list available on the SU website It is also very simple to set up your own society, needing just 5 members to get it started, the SU will do all the leg work in creating it and finding sponsors, leaving you to enjoy your hobby.

Scholarships & Bursaries
(Any specifically for NI students?)

There are many different scholarships and bursaries available from the University of Cumbria, from our Cumbria Bursaries (which is based on household income), International Scholarships and Postgraduate Loyalty Award, amongst many others. Full information available on

Internships/Placement/Study abroad opportunities?

Certain courses require placements (such as teaching and nursing) which the University will arrange for you. They are no more than 2 hours travel from the campus (unless you request to be placed in a specific area as we have many links in Northern Ireland). There are also opportunities to study abroad, including placements years in sandwich degrees and a placement month in Gambia during 2nd year of our Zoology degree.

What accommodation is available & what is the average cost?

We have both on site and off site accommodation available, with en-suite costing around £120 a week (including all bills) and shared bathrooms costing between £69 - £110 (depending on halls of residence). Our accommodation office will always strive to give people the places that they want.
3 Fun Facts about the university
  • You can follow our team giving top tips, hacks and key information on Instagram @UoCrecruitment and @UoCschoolsandcolleges

  • Can you imagine yourself on a real life film set? Can you imagine yourself working in a Premiership Football Club? Can you imagine yourself traveling over to Gambia to work with endangered species? This are some of the exciting opportunities our students experience.

  • We offer a free summer university for year 10 to year 13 students at our 3 main locations (Ambleside, Lancaster and Carlisle), including travel, halls of residence, evening activities and a choice of academic workshops.

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